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Hidden Charges for Sale and Purchase

An Insight into our competitors hidden fees...

Unfortunately comparing legal costs can be a nightmare.... always check out the firms Disbursements and don't simply rely on the "headline" fee they've listed.

When checking our figures with those of other solicitors you might want to check they've included;

1) Acting for the New Mortgage lender (this is a very common "hidden extra")

2) Repaying the Mortgage

3) Indemnity Insurance

4) TT Fees and

5) SDLT Fees

6) Preparing the Searches

7) Have they included "searches" ? If they haven't you'll need to add at least another £130 - £200 onto the figures

The above costs are included within our charges. Also, as daft as this sounds, please check the solicitors have added up their figures correctly and included any "Supplemental Fees" within their have they listed if they charge extra for Leasehold's, Newbuilds or dealing with Shared Ownership companies?

It's also worth asking what happens if the Sale falls through...Also are they offering a fixed fee?

Speak to a human being and put them on the spot by asking them to confirm their worst case costs...

As a final comment check they're on the Panel for the Bank or Building Society you want to use. If they're not (for a purchase) you'll need to find another solicitor.

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